UL opens new Futuremark Performance Lab in Fremont, California

September 20, 2017

UL Benchmarks

People sometimes wonder how we built our global benchmarking business from Finland. It hasn't been easy. After all, Finland is kind of...remote. 

That's why we are excited to announce the opening of a new Futuremark testing facility in Fremont, California that is ideally placed to serve our partners and customers in Silicon Valley.

The Futuremark Performance Lab is a key part of UL's expansion into benchmarking services. In addition to benchmark testing, the lab will also enable us to offer new services to electronics retailers and hardware manufacturers in North America. 

Futuremark Performance Lab

In our purpose-built lab, we can test the performance of servers, laptops, desktop PCs, mobile devices, and enterprise hardware. 

The lab is housed in a 21.55 m2 (232 sq ft) temperature-controlled room that is fully ESD compliant. The lab is equipped with a variety of digital testing hardware including oscilloscope, multimeter, precision scales, sound level meter, infrared thermometer, and luminance meter. 

Our professional photography equipment includes an SLR camera with macro lens and macro flash, LED light panels, studio light box, and backdrop. Together with our benchmarking software, the lab has everything we need to provide a complete testing service for our customers.

VR Testing and Training

Our VR lab is the first of its kind within UL. It provides a dedicated space in which to demonstrate and test VR equipment. It also serves as a safe environment in which to develop, test and experience VR-based training.

The lab is designed to provide the ideal environment for experiencing VR. It has ample floor space to move around unobstructed while up above, the ceiling-mounted cable management system and sensors keep wires out of the way. The lab is configured with powerful VR-ready PCs supporting Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. Standalone and mobile VR platforms are also available. 

Technical Marketing Services

Our Technical Marketing Services team evaluates our partners' products to find insights that drive compelling marketing stories. Our new lab provides the ideal facility for testing servers, PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, VR systems, and enterprise software. 

With a focus on real-world performance and user experience metrics, we find the facts and present them in professionally crafted reports, white papers, infographics and presentation slides. Find out more

Retail Solutions

The Futuremark Performance Lab in Fremont will also support our new Retail Solutions business. Here we use our expertise in PC and mobile performance to help retailers increase sales, reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction. 

We offer a set of services to help retailers find better ways to sell consumer electronics to their customers. We can test and assess products, create and define product categories, and provide marketing support. In Europe, we have recently helped one of the biggest electronics retailers in the Nordic region improve the way it sells PCs. Find out more.  

Open for business

The Futuremark Performance Lab is located within the UL building at 47173 Benicia Street, Fremont, CA, 94538. To find out more, please call Ryan McCall on +1 510-319-4400 or email benchmark.sales@ul.com.