Google Stadia tech demo: cloud-based multi-GPU rendering

March 19, 2019

At the Google GDC keynote presentation this morning, Phil Harrison introduced Stadia, a new cloud gaming platform powered by Google. A key feature of Stadia is that it makes multi-GPU computing available to everyone through the cloud.

Google introduces Stadia cloud gaming platform at GDC with a UL tech demo

We're at GDC this week showing a tech demo of cloud-based, multi-GPU rendering on the Stadia platform. Our demo shows how game developers can use multi-GPU rendering to create richer, more dynamic game experiences.

Building the future with multi-GPU technology

Multi-GPU computing has the potential to make game experiences richer and more dynamic. But PCs with multiple GPUs are rare and expensive, which gives game developers little reason to explore the opportunities.

Stadia makes multi-GPU systems available to everyone through the cloud. It gives game developers the tools to push in-game graphics to new levels.

For the last few months, we've been working with Google to create a real-time demo of cloud-based, multi-GPU rendering to show how games might use the extra performance available through Stadia.

In our demo, one GPU handles most of the traditional geometry rendering. Additional GPUs are called in as needed to enhance the scene with dynamic fluid simulations and complex particle effects.

About Stadia

You can find out more about Stadia by watching Google's GDC keynote presentation and visiting the Stadia developer website.