Experience DirectX 12 Ultimate with 3DMark

August 25, 2021

DirectX 12 Ultimate is the next generation for gaming graphics. It adds powerful new capabilities to DirectX 12, including DirectX Raytracing Tier 1.1, Mesh Shaders, Sampler Feedback, and Variable Rate Shading (VRS). These features help game developers improve visual quality, boost frame rates, reduce loading times, and create vast, detailed worlds.

3DMark already has dedicated tests for DirectX Raytracing, Mesh Shaders, and Variable Rate Shading. Today, we’re adding a Sampler Feedback feature test, making 3DMark the first publicly available application to include all four major DirectX 12 Ultimate features.

Experience DirectX 12 Ultimate today, only with 3DMark! Measure performance and compare image quality on your PC with our DirectX 12 Ultimate feature tests. Each test also has an interactive mode that lets you change settings and visualizations in real time.

3DMark Sampler Feedback feature test

NEW — 3DMark Sampler Feedback feature test

Today’s update adds a Sampler Feedback feature test. Sampler feedback helps game developers use texture streaming and texture shading more efficiently. The 3DMark Sampler Feedback feature test shows how games can boost frame rates by using sampler feedback to optimize texture space shading operations.

The test measures the performance difference when using texture space shading with and without the sampler feedback feature. In interactive mode, you can pause and jump to different parts of the timeline, change settings in real time and enable visualizations to better understand the technique.

3DMark DirectX Raytracing feature test

3DMark DirectX Raytracing feature test

Measure the pure ray-tracing performance of your graphics card with the 3DMark DirectX Raytracing feature test. Instead of relying on traditional rendering, the whole scene is ray-traced and drawn in one pass. The result of the test depends entirely on ray-tracing performance. You can use this test to compare the performance of dedicated ray-tracing hardware in the latest graphics cards.

3DMark Mesh Shader feature test

3DMark Mesh Shader feature test

Mesh shaders introduce a new approach to geometry processing that simplifies the graphics pipeline while also giving game developers more flexibility and control. The 3DMark Mesh Shader feature test shows you how game engines can improve performance by using the mesh shader pipeline to efficiently cull geometry that is not visible to the camera. 

3DMark VRS feature test

3DMark VRS feature test

Variable Rate Shading (VRS) helps games improve performance by selectively reducing the level of detail in parts of the frame where there will be little noticeable effect on image quality. The 3DMark VRS feature test helps you compare differences in performance and image quality when using Tier 1 and Tier 2 Variable Rate Shading.


Experience DirectX 12 Ultimate today 

All four DirectX 12 Ultimate feature tests are available now in 3DMark Advanced Edition. Buy 3DMark from our online store or from Steam and experience the next generation of gaming graphics on your own PC today.

(DirectX 12 Ultimate compatible GPU required.)  

3DMark Professional Edition

All four DirectX 12 Ultimate feature tests are available now for 3DMark Professional Edition customers with a valid annual license.