Futuremark Enhances 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0 Benchmark with New 3D User Interface Tests

May 6, 2009

Futuremark Enhances 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0 Benchmark with New 3D User Interface Tests

HELSINKI, FINLAND – MAY 6th, 2009 - Futuremark has released an enhanced version of 3DMark®Mobile ES 2.0, their OpenGL® ES 2.0 benchmark. Created using Futuremark’s innovative Kanzi™ engine, 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0 now includes two additional tests focused on user interface scenarios.

"Our 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0 benchmark now serves our customers even better," said Arto Ruotsalainen, Technical Project Manager at Futuremark. "User interfaces increasingly use 3D graphics and the new UI tests in 3DMarkMobile deliver a more representative set of benchmark results across the full spectrum of mobile and embedded systems."

"OpenGL ES 2.0 is becoming increasingly pervasive and advanced user interfaces are one of the key beachhead applications driving the adoption of mobile and embedded 3D acceleration," said Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group. "Futuremark is one of the most respected graphics benchmarking companies in the business and so Khronos warmly welcomes this new 3D UI benchmark as a vital piece of the mobile graphics ecosystem that is enabling rich consumer experiences on millions of handsets and devices."

Tony King-Smith, VP of Marketing at Imagination Technologies added, "As a leading supplier of 3D graphics acceleration technologies, we are delighted that Futuremark is listening to their BDP Membership, and responding by expanding their 3DMarkMobile ES2.0 suite with a set of application workload tests that closely matches the broadening requirements of silicon manufacturers and OEMs. As one of the original members of Futuremark’s Mobile Benchmark Development Program and other groups such as Khronos, we work closely with many manufacturers, organizations and industry experts, and know that the benefits arising from these new user interface workloads will be appreciated by this rapidly expanding community."

For more information, please visit www.futuremark.com/business

About 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0
3DMark®Mobile ES 2.0 is a benchmark that tests the 3D graphics performance of next generation mobile hardware running OpenGL® ES2.0. Focused 3D workloads for game-like content, user interfaces and navigation tax OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware in a realistic and relevant way that enables impartial performance measurement and comparison between different solutions. It is used for product development, design evaluation and for media reviews of next generation mobile hardware devices. For more information please visit www.futuremark.com/business

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