Futuremark PC Benchmark Development Programs Expand With Compal Membership

January 31, 2007

Futuremark PC Benchmark Development Programs Expand With Compal Membership

PCMark and 3DMark BDP ranks expand with addition of first Taiwanese laptop manufacturer

Saratoga, California - January 31, 2007 - Futuremark Corporation, the world’s leading provider of system performance analysis software and services for PCs, announced today that Taipei based Compal Electronic, Inc. (TAIEX: 2324) has joined both its PCMark BDP and 3DMark BDP. Compal, with reported 2006 revenue of over $9.4 billion US is the first Taiwanese notebook PC manufacturer to join into either of Futuremark’s industry lauded Benchmark Development Programs.

Futuremark’s PCMark and 3DMark Benchmark Development Programs (BDP) build partnerships with leading PC hardware and technology manufacturers, allowing them to participate in the specification and design of unbiased system performance tools. Futuremark provides BDP Members access to pre-production versions of benchmarks to elicit feedback from those Members. Current PCMark and 3DMark BDP Members are cooperating in the development of benchmarks for the upcoming Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system.

"We are honoured to welcome Compal to the ranks of the PCMark and 3DMark BDP Membership. Compal has a significant interest in the performance of their notebook products, as is evident by their recent release of gaming targeted systems. said Oliver Baltuch, Futuremark’s VP of Sales and Marketing, North America. Compal is already helping to enhance the performance benefits to all Notebook products resulting from their steady input to the BDP."

About Compal Electronics Inc.

Established in 1984, Compal Electronics and its professional management team have built a reputation for creating top quality products. Successfully incorporating emerging market trends into the product development process, Compal has earned the trust of consumers and established itself as an influential leader in the global IT industry. In 2006, total annual revenue reached $9.4 billion USD with a worldwide workforce of over 22,000. Compal maintains branches in Taiwan, China, the U.S., and the U.K., providing customers with prompt support and flexible services.

About Futuremark® Corporation

Futuremark® Corporation is the leading provider of performance analysis software and services for PCs and smartphones. Futuremark® is known around the world for its benchmark products, including the 3DMark® and PCMark® Series, SPMark™ and VGMark ™ (with more than 30 million copies distributed worldwide) and value-added services powered by a database of over 13 million real life benchmarking results. Futuremark® maintains offices in Saratoga, California and Helsinki, Finland. For more information, please visit http://www.futuremark.com

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