Freescale Joins Futuremark's Benchmark Development Program

July 26, 2006

Freescale Joins Futuremark's Benchmark Development Program

Mobile industry leader's membership lends credibility to performance analysis development

Orlando, Fl - Freescale Technology Forum– July 26th, 2006 - Futuremark Corporation, a leading provider of system performance-analysis software and services for PCs, smartphones and other handheld devices, announced today that Freescale Semiconductor is joining its handheld benchmark development program.

"Freescale Semiconductor is an established leader in the semiconductor industry with a diverse portfolio of products and technology, and with a stakeholder's interest in the definition and development of industry standard performance measurement tools. Their membership in our handheld BDP is a ringing endorsement of the program and reflects how critical unbiased high-quality benchmarks are to their business today and to their future products and technologies" said Oliver Baltuch, Futuremark's VP of Sales and Marketing, North America.

Freescale owns an extensive collection of technologies and products. Their embedded technology expertise and commitment to research has helped them provide integrated solutions to a wide array of industries around the world, including the delivery of semiconductors for half a billion wireless devices since 1998. Freescale is shaping the future of mobile devices with processing solutions that provide the optimal blend of performance and power conservation.

Futuremark Corporation has created a family of industry standard handheld platform test suites which enable the full spectrum of companies in the delivery chain to properly validate their products' and technologies' performance. 3DMarkMobile06 is the OpenGL ES 1.0 and 1.1 graphics performance gauge. SPMarkJava06 is an extensive Mobile Java MIDP 2.0 and JSR184/M3G performance measurement tool. VGMark07, still in development, will provide vector graphics performance measurement.

"Success in the handheld 3D gaming marketplace requires graphics performance that compares to the user experience from computer applications and game consoles. Futuremark's Handheld Benchmark Development Program is designed to provide Freescale unbiased performance results that illustrate that the world-class multimedia engine in our i.MX31 applications processor satisfies the rigid 3D graphics rendering experience for handheld devices," said Berardino Baratta, general manager of the multimedia applications division for Freescale.

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