BAPCo Debuts MobileMark 2002

June 4, 2002

BAPCo® and® Deliver a New Benchmark to Evaluate Notebook Systems in a Realistic Mobile Environment

Burlingame, California – June 4th, 2002 – BAPCo® and® today announced the release of MobileMark™ 2002, a new benchmark to evaluate notebook user experience by measuring both performance and battery life at the same time. Performance and battery life are among the top purchase criteria for notebooks users, yet no method existed for evaluating both criteria with the same workload.
MobileMark™ 2002 addresses the need for a simple to use and broadly deployed industry standard benchmark that can measure and report performance as well as battery life at the same time. Until now, notebooks have been evaluated on performance in the AC mode and battery life in the battery mode. MobileMark™ 2002 will allow notebook OEMs, IT departments, reviewers, publishers, testing laboratories and notebook users to evaluate mobile systems in today’s more realistic mobile environment.
"CNET Networks' product reviews team is committed to bringing comprehensive hardware and software reviews to the millions of readers of and ZDNet Web sites, and Computer Shopper magazine. Notebook usage models have been rapidly evolving over the past couple of years. As the un-tethered notebook user population continues to expand, it is important to look at both performance and battery life at the same time in order to quantify a complete notebook user experience. MobileMark 2002 will enable CNET Labs to measure notebook computer performance in a truly mobile usage model," said Erik Johnson, Manager of CNET Labs in San Francisco.

About MobileMark™ 2002
The MobileMark™ 2002 workload consists of two usage models: a productivity usage model and a reader usage model. The productivity usage model provides significant computations representing today’s business users using popular office productivity and content creation applications. The productivity usage model reports a performance score and a battery life score - obtained while running the productivity workload.
The productivity workload of MobileMark™ 2002 consists of emerging usage models and popular productivity applications including:
  • Microsoft® Word 2002
  • Microsoft® Excel 2002
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint 2002
  • Microsoft® Outlook 2002
  • Netscape Communicator® 6.0
  • McAfee® VirusScan 5.13
  • Adobe® Photoshop® 6.0.1
  • Macromedia® Flash 5
  • WinZip® 8.0
The reader usage model represents a light-computation usage model in which a user is reading through content already present on the notebook system such as an e-book. The reader usage model reports a battery life score and uses Netscape Communicator® 6.0.
The workload and usage models were cooperatively designed, developed and tested by engineers from a wide cross-section of industry-leading publications, testing labs, PC manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and software developers. MobileMark™ 2002 was extensively validated across multiple hardware and software configurations by BAPCo®’s partners. This process ensures a useful and robust benchmark that consistently and reliably delivers performance and battery life results representative of the notebook user’s experience.
MobileMark™ 2002 Software and Hardware Requirements
MobileMark™ 2002 supports Windows® XP (Professional and Home) and Windows® 2000 (with Service Pack 2) operating systems. MobileMark™ 2002 requires 128 MB RAM and 2.0 GB Free hard disk space for installation and 100 MB during each run.
MobileMark™ 2002 is being introduced under the strategic alliance between BAPCo® and®.®, a leading provider of PC performance benchmarking software and web services, will provide exclusive marketing and distribution for MobileMark™ 2002.
Ordering Information
MobileMark™ 2002 is available for 249.95 USD. For a limited time, SYSmark® 2002 licensees will be able to purchase MobileMark™ 2002 for 199.95 USD. Please visit®’s secure shopping site at: (Powered by®) for further details and to place an order.
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