Procyon® from UL Solutions Launch MacOS Benchmarks for Multi-Platform Score Comparison

May 2, 2023

Procyon is a suite of benchmark tests for professional users in industry, enterprise, government, retail and reviewer roles. Today, May 2, 2023, the suite expands its capabilities. With this update, we are adding macOS support to our photo editing benchmark and office productivity benchmark.  

Optimize your productivity on both Windows and macOS devices

Benchmarking helps IT teams match system performance to the requirements of workers in professional roles. A brand specialist may perform tasks that require heavy workloads on creative projects using Adobe® applications, while a finance manager may need Microsoft® Office applications to execute complex accounting using Excel spreadsheets. Depending on the specifications, devices will be optimized for specific ways of usage. 

The new, multi-platform ability from Procyon allows users to compare benchmark scores from both Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers. This new ability can provide valuable data to help IT procurement teams make the right decisions for their organization by balancing performance and value for money and matching the right device to the employee to maximize their productivity. 

Many manufacturers now sell dedicated creator PCs with high-end specifications for animators, designers, photographers, videographers, musicians and other digital content creators. Adding Apple Mac computer benchmarking will create multi-platform comparison performance data that can benefit PC manufacturers in their design phases. It will also enable retailers who sell PCs and Apple Mac computers to showcase different systems specifications, using real-world data points to back up their claims. 

Two Procyon benchmarks launch macOS support

The Procyon Office Productivity Benchmark uses Microsoft Office applications to simulate everyday work use. The benchmark workloads feature relevant, real-world tasks using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

The Procyon Photo Editing Benchmark measures Windows PC and Apple Mac computer performance using Adobe® applications in a typical photo editing workflow that includes batch processing and image retouching.  

Multi-platform comparison for content creators and professionals with flexible licensing options

The Procyon benchmark suite offers flexible licensing, letting you choose the benchmarks that meet your needs. You can buy just one benchmark or add more in any combination. 

You can now use the Procyon Office Productivity benchmark and the Procyon Photo Editing benchmark to test systems running macOS, Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows on Arm.  

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